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Top 10 HVAC FAQs You Need To Know

So you just had your new HVAC system installed for your home or you have had your heating and air conditioning systems for a long time now. Ever wondered what it takes to keep the HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently? Then you got to read the top 10 HVAC FAQs compiled for your understanding by the experts at Deluxe A/C and Heat.

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1) Why Should I Have Regular (Or Preventative) Maintenance? And How Often Should I Have It Performed?

2) What Equipment Requires Regular (Or Preventative) Maintenance?

3) What Are The Advantages Of A Programmable Thermostat?

4) What Type Of Filter Should I Use? And How Often Should I Replace It?

5) What Is The Seer Rating?

6) Why Is The Seer Rating On The Energy Guide Different Than What My Dealer Quoted?

7) Do you offer financing in case I need to have my system replaced?

8) What’s Two-Stage Cooling?

9) Should I Cover My Outside Unit When Not In Use?

10) What Makes One Brand Better Than Another?

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